Finding the Right Exercise Class

Not everyone knows which type of exercise class that they want to take part in. It can be overwhelming with so many options available. However, we’ve summarised what each type of class will involve and how it well help to develop your physical, mental and social health.

Click the links below to find out a bit more information about each type of exercise class and hopefully you’ll find one (or more!) that is right for you.


Stretching based exercise usually performed in large groups

Martial Arts

Form of exercise which develops physical and mental control for the purpose of self-defence or combat

Personal Trainer

Tailored exercise sessions delivered by an exercise specialist


Classes which provide expert instruction on the performance of different dance stlyes

Resistance Training

Classes which utilise equipment and methods to provide resistance to movement

Cardio Classes

Classes which aim to work the cardiovascular system


Pilates Classes

Classes which aim to improve body functioning through purposeful and controlled movements