Warrior Women

About Us...

Warrior Women is a female only fitness organisation dedicated to empowering women through the medium of exercise.

Our classes are delivered online mainly and currently once a week in Billericay, Essex. We also regularly fundraise and support Women’s Aid via monthly donations and physical challenges!

Our latest challenge is to support a new initiative started by Hattie Hasan MBE owner of Stopcocks a female only plumbing company.

Her initiative is to start The National Register of Tradeswomen, an online UK wide register of female only tradespeople, helping all women have a choice over who enters their home.

Many women are past survivors of abuse and violence whether that be childhood or more recent and whether that be physical, sexual and emotional and just do not feel comfortable having men in their homes…young women, older women too may also feel more comfortable with a female tradesperson.

In order to raise money for this we have a Marathon Challenge running from the 3 to 17 of October.  How far will you go to help every woman have a choice…how many marathons can you walk, run, skip or dance over two weeks?  All profits to the initiative and with medals and t-shirts to be had (depending on entry level chosen) it’s a fabulous way to raise money and to get your fitness journey started!!

For more information, or to support us in our cause, take a look at our website: https://www.warriorwomen.co/ or our social media below: