Victoria Gidney

Hello! I’m Victoria, a certified STOTT PILATES instructor, runner and founder of RUNLATES – offering Pilates classes tailored to runners, alongside more traditional Matwork and small equipment.

I came to running in my early 30s, already training in Pilates but wanting to do something alongside to improve my fitness. After finding a great group of running buddies, one thing led to another and ended up signing up for my first marathon a year later…  During training I appreciated how well Pilates had prepared my body for running, giving me the good form, strength and flexibility I needed to stay injury free.

Keen to learn more, I trained as an instructor then leapt into a career change less than a year later. I’m fascinated by the biomechanics of how we move, and how clever our bodies are at adapting – both to compensate for weaknesses and re-learn movement patterns through focused training.  I love to share this with my clients as it’s important to understand WHY we’re doing an exercise a certain way… as well as how to do it!


STOTT Pilates Matwork

STOTT Pilates Reformer

APPI Pilates for Runners

£8 for a single class

Discounted class passes available:
5 Classes for £35
10 Classes for £65

My Classes

You don’t need to be a ‘serious’ runner to do a Runlates class or PT session, I work with 70+ yr old marathon runners as well as those who have just done their first Couch to 5k and are starting on their running journey. I only teach in small groups and my style is calm and encouraging but thorough – so we always make sure you feel the exercises in the right place!

Pilates for Runners classes contain standing and mat-based exercises focused on the biomechanics of running – to help make you a more resilient, efficient runner. We work on form/posture, strength and flexibility – ensuring good muscle balance around key joints such as the hip, knee and ankle.

RUNLATES classes and individual programmes are a great way to keep you running longer, stronger and happier, and I’m passionate about supporting you to achieve your goals – from running longer distances to just moving more comfortably day-to-day.  Hope to see you in a class soon!

My Timetable


(7:20-7:50am) Daily Bitesize Pilates


(7:20-7:50am) Daily Bitesize Pilates
(5:45 - 6:45pm) Power Pilates
(7:00 - 8:00pm) Pilates for Runners


(7:20-7:50am) Daily Bitesize Pilates


(7:20 - 7:50am) Daily Bitesize Pilates
(6:00 - 7:00pm) Pilates for Runners
(7:15 - 8:15pm) Intermediate Matwork


(7:20-7:50am) Daily Bitesize Pilates


(8:30-9:30am)Power Pilates

My Testimonials

“I was a Pilates first-timer when I joined Vic’s Runlates class so I didn’t know what to expect. Though I’ve run and cross-trained for years nothing has worked my core or glutes as hard or in the same way as Vic’s Runlates session. Her clear, calm instruction and encouragement persuade even the most reluctant muscle to move with control and balance.  I’d recommend Vic’s class to anyone who wants to improve their overall posture and or their running technique. Whereas previously in order to run faster I would just ‘try harder’, Vic’s classes have got me thinking about how I move when I run and more generally, how to use core strength to my benefit when sitting and standing.”

“I had been doing quite a gentle form of Pilates for a few years before starting one-to-one sessions with Vic, and knew it was something I wanted to explore more deeply as I could already feel the benefits. I’d also started running regularly and felt it could help me to improve.  Vic has tailored every session week by week, to my own goals, and to how my body is feeling/reacting to new and modified exercises. I have come on so quickly with her careful instruction and really feel she has been able to address my ‘problem areas’ which we continue to work on! She has been flexible, encouraging and so thorough throughout.”

“In the last three months, I have had a pilates session weekly, via Zoom with Vic and have been delighted with the results. Let’s just say that I am an older person but my mobility has improved greatly, I am more supple and my painful knees have all but disappeared- result. Vic’s sessions are very professional and friendly and she is assiduous in following up each session.”

Further Details

Hopefully you like what you see on my page and would like to take part in my class – I’d love for you to join me!

Where to Find Me

My classes are currently taking place online and at studios in Weybridge and Richmond

Contact Me

Please contact me through my website:

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I have the following offers:

10% off your first Run Longer, Stronger Happier programme (combination of personal training and online classes over 6 or 12 weeks).

Online class bundles – 5 sessions for £35 (£7 per class), 10 classes for £65 (£6.50 a class)