Vics Fit

Victoria Law

I started my fitness company VicsFit as my way of showing everyone they can be fit, happy and healthy with a change of mindset and a commitment to hard work. Everyone has their own definition of what fitness means to them, and I’m here to support and guide you to your goals. 

Training in the gym can be intimidating and often counter-intuitive for improving confidence so come train with me outdoors, in your home or in a studio to get YouFit.

I will work with anyone who wants to get fit, whether that’s to improve your strength for day to day tasks like carrying shopping, lifting boxes or simply picking up a child to someone who wants to run a marathon at the end of the year.

I currently play lacrosse for a women’s team in Sale and coach juniors as well as competing in kickboxing competitions across England (or will be when restrictions have lifted) I like to keep myself fit and strong through training as well as leading an active lifestyle getting out hiking wherever possible.

I thoroughly enjoy working with young people and adults of all ages to bring out the best in people and lead them to the realisation that they can do what they may think they can’t.


L2 Fitness Instructor

First Aid

DBS Checked

L2 Field Lacrosse Coach


Advanced training systems

Bodyweight training

Hydration and Exercise


1-1 £30 per hour
Private groups from £9 per person (variable depending on group number)

My Classes

I train people 1-1, 2-1 or in private groups where I won’t invite anyone else to join though clients are welcome too. For example, I currently train a group of 4 55-60 year old group of friends who admitted they would not be comfortable to go to the gym.

I also deliver team fitness for any local teams eg, football, hockey and netball teams.

I’m happy to chat through various group options with any client before they book anything in.

My Timetable


1-1 or Private Group
12pm – 3pm available


1-1 or Private Group
11:30 – 3pm available


Juniour Fitness Sessions @Central Way, Altrincham


Loved training with Vics, she carefully planned our sessions uniquely for what I wanted-loved the boxing and even the burpees!!!! Thanks for enjoyable but hard training sessions. Highly recommended

Accessible but great sessions! Over the last few weeks, I've seen improvement in my stamina and it's really encouraged me to get up and out there to develop my fitness further

Exactly what our small group (of 3) of middle-aged ladies wanted and needed. Vics makes the sessions fun so we don't realise how hard she has worked us until the next day!”

Energetic and passionate PT in Wilmslow and surrounding areas. Perfect if you want some genuine enthusiasm injected into your training routine

Further Details

Hopefully you like what you see on my page and would like to take part in my class – I’d love for you to join me!

Where to Find Me

My classes primarily take place around the Alderley Edge/Wilmslow area but I can travel within Greater Manchester.

Contact Me

To book a class, either visit my website and book online or email me.




Introductory offer: 2-1 session for £20 (£10 each instead of £12.50 each)

Group session of 3 people: 1st session £8 each following session £10 pay as you go.