Toughen Up

I am an ex-British Martial Arts champion and use the training skills and fitness regimes I used to get to the top of my sport, to create challenging and varied classes, that engage your whole body and create a complete positive change in your physical health and mindset.

I started learning boxing to gain some self defense skills and improve my fitness. I moved on to Kickboxing and then Thai Boxing. At the height of my fighting career, I held undefeated titles in Kickboxing and Thai boxing.

I use the skills and disciplines I learnt over my 30+ years in the martial arts and fitness arena to assist my group and personal training clients achieve better health, fitness, mobility and a more determined focus on achieving their long term goals.


Boxercise instructor, Advanced Boxercise instructor, Boxercise PT, Boxercise Kick, Mixed Martial Arts Fitness Instructor, Thai Boxing Instructor, Muhammad Ali Speed Pads Pro, Level 3 Personal Trainer, Integrated Training Progressions, Obstacle Course Racing Coach

Boxercise: £7.00
Outdoors Fitness 1 hour: £7.00
Outdoors Fitness 2 hours: £10.00

My Classes

Non-contact Boxercise classes to get you fighting fit in a safe, friendly and fun environment.
Outdoors Fitness: 1 and 2 hour classes to get that fresh air endorphin rush, massive calorie burn and mega fitness/ strength improvements.

Classes start with gentle mobilization to prepare your body for exercise. In the Boxercise classes there is then a partner based non-contact boxing circuit, which is followed by a bodyweight or weighted circuit. The class ends with some gentle stretches and mobility drills.

Hand sanitizer and anti-bacterial wipes are provided in the indoor classes.

My Timetable


Boxercise: 7 - 8 pm


Boxercise: 7 - 8 pm


Outdoors Fitness:
8 – 10 am
10:30 – 11:30 am


I asked for Brian's help after seeing a photo of myself and realised I needed to shift more than a few pounds. He delivered a series of personal training sessions to kick-start me into getting back in shape. The workouts comprised of a combination of cardio and weights. Brian is very professional in his approach and knows exactly what he is doing. Each session was challenging yet varied and I felt that I was pushed to the limit. More importantly, he gave me the confidence to put into practice what I had learned from his training sessions. I will be attending the Toughen Up classes as I can also see the value of a group workout. However, I would not hesitate to recommend Brian as a personal trainer. He is exceptional and a real gem! Tracey J-B

The Toughen Up classes are the best. My fitness has improved greatly and I have dropped a dress size! The classes have a friendly atmosphere and the instructors are excellent and very approachable. Each class is different so you never get bored. Fantastic workout sessions. Kathryn H.

The Toughen Up sessions cover a variety of cardiovascular and muscle conditioning exercises alongside boxercise, all in a fun and motivating environment. Each session contains different exercises and this provides a new challenge every time you attend. Andrew K.

Toughen Up is a excellent way of getting fit for a great price. Starting off with a warm up session then moving on to pad work, which the instructor shows you how to use with the right technique. A circuit is also used to get us to work hard for a a period of time this is followed by a cool down. I think Toughen Up is the best service i have used to keep fit, not only its a hard work out, its a fun work out for everyone. Grant F.

Further Details

Hopefully you like what you see on my page and would like to take part in my class – I’d love for you to join me!

Where to Find Me

Boxercise classes: St. Michael’s C. E. Primary School, Brigadier Hill, Enfield, EN2 0NB

Outdoors Fitness classes: Hilly Fields meeting at the Cooks Hole Road car park, Enfield EN2 0UD

Contact Me

Bookings can be made online from or in class.



Pre-pay for 10 classes and you get £10 off