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Having benefited from weaving yoga and holistic therapies into my own life, I’m now passionate about sharing these tools with others. I want to provide a container for you to feel free to express yourself and feel held.

I believe yoga is for everyone of every age, size and fitness ability. It helps us to navigate a world in flux and cultivate a practice of profoundly positive self-transformation.

I am London based but my yoga journey started many years ago in 2001, attending classes growing up in Cape Town, South Africa. I’ve always loved expressing myself through movement of the body, having done dance as a hobby growing up. Being human and experiencing a range of emotion, it has become the most fundamental thing that makes me feel present, explorative and connected.

As the years went by, seeing the multiple benefits to the way I conducted myself in the world. We always have something new to learn about ourselves. What we are told and our imagination can colour our perception but we need to try to remain open and not colour the world, but rather let the world colour us. I became more inquisitive and began practicing on a daily basis and wanted to share this ancient practice with others.


Yoga Therapy Diploma

Vinyasa Yoga Teacher Training

Level One Yoga Teacher Training


£9.50 - £11


Therapeutic Yoga Flow is a gentle yoga class and includes yoga poses modified to an individual’s needs. It includes gentle movement sequences to help improve the body’s movement patterns, yogic breathing techniques, and guided relaxation. Each class is structured to address a region or system of the body that may need balancing for better health and well-being. 

This class is appropriate for all individuals with musculoskeletal issues, neuromuscular issues, chronic pain, anxiety or depression, respiratory issues, or other imbalances or dysfunctions that individuals may have. 

Dive deep in this nurturing, yet sometimes challenging flow class designed around slowing things down, moving from a place of intention and integrity, and listening to your body. This class strongly focus on function, alignment, and breath-centred practice. I aim to create variety every week and provide options for all levels of the yoga experience.

A gentle flow with moments of pause to breathe and be. Through creative sequencing of all the wonderful poses, I will guide you through a class weaving the breath with gentle movement, helping you to feel balanced and relaxed. I aim to create variety every week and provide options for all levels. Please listen to your body and if you have any conditions please consult your doctor beforehand.


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Hopefully you like what you see on our page and would like to take part in my class – we’d love for you to join us!

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