Sweaty Mama Durham North

Hey, I’m Dianne!

I have been into fitness for some years and recently did my qualifications after having my child who is now 2. I realized when I had a baby my gym time was halved and I really missed that time to workout in a class environment without having to ask someone to look after my child, talk about mum guilt!

So I decided to qualify in pre and post natal exercise so I could help other women get into fitness and be able to bring their children with them! Less stress for mum, release those, endorphins, meaning happy mum, happy baby!

I love being an instructor as it keeps me active, I love seeing people happy to get back into fitness after being out for so long and I also help new mums meet other ladies and babies; try and create a real friendly community atmosphere.

Sweaty Mama class instructor


ETM Level 2

Pre & Post Natal Exercise adaptations level 3

£40 for 6 week block or £7 trial (venue)
£7 per week or £40 6 week block (online)

My Classes

Sweaty Mama is a unique and effective way to exercise whilst you bond with your child. No need to organise childcare to get to the gym, Sweaty Mama allows you to spend quality time with your child whilst you undertake the workout.  Exercises are adapted to suit all ages & development of the child as well as suit the fitness level of the Mama. Over the course of sessions, you gradually build up your fitness level and strengthen your core & posture to rehabilitate your body after having a child. A fab, fun workout to upbeat music both you and your child will love!* With babies, toddlers and Preschoolers all joining in the fun!


Sweaty Mama Bootcamp are female only sessions , with fun, game orientated workouts to ensure you have fun whilst seeing results.  We undertake effective exercise sessions to suit all fitness levels.  Aiming to raise Human growth hormone and assist in efficient fat burning as well as focusing on gradually building fitness and strength! Our fun & varied sessions keep you motivated and on your toes.   Sweaty Mama Bootcamps are an ideal way to workout with the girls in a safe & friendly environment, motivating each other to work hard whilst having a laugh and seeing great results*

My Timetable


10:00am Sweaty mama – Online Facebook group


Sweaty Mama – Online Facebook 09.30am (until 11th August)

Bootcamp – Online Facebook 7.30pm (until 11th August)

Sweaty Mama – Birtley Body Pwr gym (temporary venue) 10am (from 11th August)

Bootcamp – DreamBig Role Play centre – outdoors (temporary venue) 7pm (from 11th August)


Sweaty Mama – online Facebook 09:30

Bootcamp – Online facebook 7.30pm (from 12th August)


Sweaty Mama online Facebook 10am (until 13th August)

Sweaty Mama Framwellgate Moor Community Centre 10am (from 13th August)

Sweaty Mama Framwellgate Moor Community Centre 11:15am (from 13th August)


The classes run by Dianne are fab. The classes provide an excellent work out, taking into account different levels of fitness. The best thing about them though is the wonderfully supportive community Dianne has built up. I’m gutted to be unable to attend anymore as my maternity leave is over. I’d recommend them to any Mama. X

We attended the Chester le street classes before the lockdown and loved them - and then the online classes post lockdown which are fab too. Love the music and routines, and also the fact that they are suitable for all abilities! The workouts involve movements with the baby which my little boy loved and they give you such a feel good for the rest of the day after doing a class! xx

Fab enjoyable class that you get so much out of. A proper work out but has that personal touch by being able to bring your little one. The instructor Dianne is lovely. She always makes everyone feel welcome and always checks on how everyone is doing. Would totally recommend to anyone looking at getting in shape and wants or needs to be able to bring their little one

Further Details

Hopefully you like what you see on my page and would like to take part in my class – I’d love to you to join me!

Where to Find Me

Classes take place in various locations around Gateshead South & Durham North

Contact Me

Get in touch through my website at https://durhamnorth.sweatymama.com/

Email at diannenelson@sweatymama.com

Whatsapp on 07429516556


Refer a friend, if you already have a course booked with us and you recommend someone who signs up (6week course) you will receive a free class!