Sue Hopcutt

I have a soft approachable style of teaching. I like to get to know the names of my customers, so I can ask them by names how they are in the next class and remember any injuries or conditions they might have. I can sympathise with customers because of my own injuries and rehab. I loved going to Body Combat and after having children I went to the gym to get fit and loved it that much I trained to be an instructor. I enjoy and love being an instructor because it gives me great pleasure when they have enjoyed the class and they can see their own progress in learning the exericses. Toning, strengthening and improving their bodies.


Level 3 Pilates

Level 3 Pre & Post Natal Pilates

Wellwoman Pilates Specialist

Breast Cancer Rehab Specialist

Pilates for Osteopenia & Osteoporosis

Pilates for Scoliosis

Pilates for Hypermobility

Pilates for Pelvic Dysfunction

Pilates for Hip, Lumbar and Spine

Pilates based Exercise for MS and Stroke

Keiser Indoor Cycling

£8 - £10

About Sue's Classes

My classes are fun and I include everyone in the class. In my classes you will get to know each other and become friends. I take it seriously how I teach but fun at the same time and you will get hands on correction. I will explain giving you clear instructions on where you should be feeling the exercise in your body and if you can’t feel it I will correct your position. If you have an injury or condition I will give advise, if I’ve not heard of it I will do research.

My Timetable


9.00am & 10.30am

Via Zoom



Via Zoom


Purestretch (6.00pm)

Classical Pilates (7.00pm)



Over 50's Pilates (9.15am)


My Testimonials


I have some back problems and also have been diagnosed relatively recently with osteoporosis. Pilates with Sue has been a great help to me and has made me a lot stronger and fitter. I feel confident that Sue is knowledgeable about my condition and sets appropriate exercises. The Zoom sessions with Sue are well managed. I can see and hear her clearly and she is able to give people personal attention just as if we were all in a room together.


I have been doing Sue's classes for 3 years now and when I started I was broken! I had problems with my lower back and always in pain and desperately wanted to get back to running and exercising like I always had. After a few months the improvement was amazing. Sue is a fabulous instructor very thorough, professional and extremely knowledgeable, she only has to look at you and she can tell if you are in pain or a bit stiff in an area. Sue has always made me feel very welcome at her classes and it’s apparent everyone who attends her classes have been doing so for years. I hope to continue with my Pilates for a good few years as long as Sue continues to teach such great classes which are always varied. Thank you Sue.


Further Details

Hopefully you like what you see on my page and would like to take part in my class – I’d love to see you there!

Where to Find Me

My classes take place at:

15 Rhigos, Emmer Green, Reading, Berkshire, RG4 8LF

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My website is

For more info email me at


I offer a block of 6 or 7 classes at a discounted rate.