Patricia Goka

Ex credit risk management programming geek and now a fully committed Coach. I’ve always loved training and after spending years sitting at a desk, experiencing aches and pains, I made the switch and it’s the best thing ever.

I focus on movement and lifestyle coaching.

Movement is everything and should be done with ease and pain free. From everyday activities, gardening without feeling sore, running around with your kids or walking up the stairs and not getting out of breath. I pay close attention to the finer detail, looking at how you move to ensure your strength training supports your body now and also secures your future.

Modern day lifestyles demand a lot from us and takes its toll on our body and mind; therefore, I promote a holistic approach to supporting my client’s desires to improve their health and get stronger, in terms of physical, emotional and developing independent thought.

‘I’m middle-aged’ … whatever that means these days … with my best years still ahead. This can be you too.

With a big grin (like my profile pic) when good music is on… I will dance during our sessions when I see you making progress… joining me is optional… come and celebrate all achievements.

When required I can be firm; however, I do laugh a lot (always at myself).


YMCAFit Level 3 Personal Training

CHEK Level 1 Exercise Coach

YMCAFit Level 3 Ante Natal & Post Natal Exercise

YMCAFit High Intensity Training

YMCAFit Suspension Fitness

£5 per class

My Classes

Do you wish you could Move Better, Feel Better, Live Better?

All online group circuit-based sessions are 30 minutes in length and easily fit into your day.

Warm-ups focus on freeing your body by oiling those joints so you can move with ease … just like you used to.

Bodyweight strength movements will help you rediscover your strength to support your everyday life now and also securing your future.

360-degree activation and development of your core muscles, you will work them from the bottom-up, top-down, front-to-back, and all around.

With regular practice you will have yourself feeling 10 years younger, help yourself to reduce your aches and pains, and in no time, you will have yourself moving better and feeling better.

-> Book yourself into some classes

-> Practice Selfcare

-> Make time for you!

Low impact sessions; however HIGH on results… gotta experience it to believe it.

Have access to an exercise mat and be near a sturdy chair/sofa.

If you would like to know more about the classes or speak to me about how you can benefit from Personalised Coaching, please book a free 30-minute chat via my website… looking forward to speaking with you.

My Timetable


ABSolute CORE Training


Principle Strength Training


Principle Strength Training


ABSolute CORE Training

Class timetable is subject to change, please check my website for latest information.



Really innovative exercise selection, feels like I’m doing my body good in a non-intensive way


Really innovative exercise selection, feels like I’m doing my body good in a non-intensive way

Further Details

Hopefully you like what you see on my page and would like to take part in my class – I’d love you to join me!

Where to Find Me

My classes take place online via Zoom

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