Here are our top tips for exercisers and instructors, which will hopefully help you add something to your class or motivate others to be active. We’ll keep these updated regularly but we’d also love to hear from you if you found a tip particularly helpful, so we can add more suggestions.

The tips below include research-based suggestions and tips that have proven to be popular with those exercising and instructors leading classes. 

Tips for Exercisers

Find A Class You Love

If you’re enjoying your exercise, you will be more internally motivated to keep active. This helps long-term motivation to stay active.

Exercise With a Friend

Exercising with a friend can help you to not miss designated workout times and help you to motivate each other to exercise for longer. It’s always nice to see a friendly face at an exercise class as well!

Set Realistic Goals

No matter your level of experience, keeping your goals realistic can help ensure motivation doesn’t dip. 

Stay Hydrated

Don’t underestimate the power of water! Keeping hydrated can improve muscle function, help transport nutrients for energy and regulate body temperature.

Keep Good Form

Whether your exercise of choice is yoga or weight lifting, ensuring your form is correct when exercising is extremely important. Make sure to do each movement correctly to avoid injury and to help maximise your workout.

Eat well

Try not to eat too close to any exercise class. Two hours before is an optimal time for consumption of complex carbohydrates, to help sustain energy throughout the session.

Tips for Instructors

Create Cohesion Between Clients

Creating a sense of togetherness within your group can help to improve adherence to exercise and help clients to feel accepted within your class.

Keep Learning

It’s best to keep on top of the latest research, exercises and training styles that you can add to your classes. Personal development, such as completing further courses, can help to ensure you can help your clients in the most effective way possible.

Think About Your Brand

Creating a brand for your classes can help you become more recognisable and maintain a professional image. This can include, but is not limited to, having your own brand logo, outfit, class style etc.


Prepare your classes to include a wide range of people, meaning that everyone can enjoy the benefits of exercise.

Keep Your Body Language Positive

An engaging and positive body language helps to keep your clients motivated. Why should they be expected to enjoy your class if you look like you’re not?

Build Relationships

Taking a friendly and open approach with each of your clients helps to build relationships and will make them want to come back time and time again.