Weighted Hula Hoop


【8 Detachable Parts, Superior Material】 Easy assembly/disassembly with 8 detachable parts, convenient to store and carry. You can take the hula weighted hoop with you wherever you go, such as office, fitness studio, park, etc. This hula hoop tire consists of a hard-wearing PE plastic tube and is wrapped with soft and waterproof PP rubber cotton. Materials are non-toxic and environmentally friendly.

【Adjustable Size】This weighted hula hoop is designed for adults and kids. Recommend size: children-6 section-70cm diameter, women-7 section-80cm diameter, men-8 section-93cm diameter. You also can adjust the size according to different age and body shape.

【Wave Design】The ergonomic wave shape design is used to lose weight while massage the waist. The hula fitness hoops will put enough pressure on the waist and burns calories more effectively. Aerobic exercise for half an hour a day accelerates body fat burning and body plasticity.


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