Shuffl: The Fitness Card Game


Shuffl is a fitness-based card game designed to provide diverse, challenging, and fun workouts for tight schedules and small spaces.

Simply shuffle the deck, turn a card, and perform the exercise. It’s as easy as that. No frills, no subscriptions, no complicated instructions. Shuffl provides a minimalistic, diverse, and easy-to-follow exercise routine for people who want to keep fit, stay fit, and enjoy the process.


The exercises featured in the game have been selected for their diversity and effectiveness. Combining full-body plyometric movements with cardio, core, and strength exercises to provide a balanced workout you can perform any time, anywhere.

Diversity is the nature of the game. The “shuffle and draw” mechanic at the core of the experience means that no two workouts will ever be the same. The random element of Shuffl also helps to eliminate the fatigue of repetitive routines: each time you deal the cards, it’s a new workout.

You don’t need any equipment, either. Shuffl was designed for simplicity and portability. That means no dumbbells, no blocks, no machines.


To keep things fresh and challenging we’ve added seven unique power cards to the deck, each altering and intensifying the gameplay in its own way, from doubling up on repetitions to repeating exercises.

There’s something to suit every fitness level; and if the power cards are too much, feel free to take them out until you’ve built up enough strength to tackle them!


We’re confident that most people won’t need more than fifteen minutes for a vigorous Shuffl session. The game has been designed around the HIIT principle of short workouts, big results. In other words, when you’re playing Shuffl a little goes a long way in no time at all.


The only rule is: get fit and have fun. After that, how you use Shuffl is entirely up to you. Play to failure, against the clock, in slow-motion, as fast as you can, or with friends. Create custom mini-decks to match your fitness goals; draw ten cards and repeat them ten times; draw three cards and repeat them three times.

It’s all about having fun, staying well, and getting active. So whatever motivates you to turn those card, that’s fine by us.

– 45 exercise cards (consisting of 9 individual exercises, ranging from star jumps to burpees).
– 10 power cards.
– 1 instruction card.

– UK: Royal Mail 1st class.

Delivery information

Delivery: 3-9 days

Cost to deliver: £1.90