Acupressure Mat & Pillow Bundle


A natural way to de-stress: Simply lie on the acupressure mats and massage pillow for a release of endorphin that make you melt, and be ready for anything to come, in just 10 minutes a day.

Use to boost your mood: Release stagnant energy and feel more relaxed, attentive and in control, so you can continue reaching your life goals.

Feel muscle tension melt away: Relieves headaches, stiff neck, back pain, fibromyalgia and insomnia relief, so you can optimise your routine.

Natural, drug-free, holistic self-care: Handcrafted from eco-friendly, non-harmful materials to know that you are making a difference to the planet.

Take charge of your wellness journey: Practice the ancient healing form of acupressure, in a modern way, so you can gain an edge in life without needing a practitioner.

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