Laura Newbury

Yoga class in Norwich

I began my journey as a fitness instructor over 10 years ago, after years of suffering with low back pain, that eventually resulted in me having an emergency operation on my lower spine. I had also always been over weight and lacked confidence, then after having enough of working in sales and feeling unhappy with myself, I knew I wanted to do something more fulfilling with my life, help other people and be my own boss. I had started working out doing exercise classes and really enjoyed it, so I took the brave step to do a course in teaching exercise to music (aerobics) and started teaching a couple of classes a week.

I was then blessed to be introduced to Zumba® and fell in love with it, the moves and music where uplifting and the joy and benefits it gave others and myself were so rewarding. I have been teaching Zumba for over 9 years now and it is still my favorite way to get a great cardio workout. I was still suffering with low back pain and knew I needed to teach something more core and strength based I also wanted to help others who were suffering the same way I had. As a result of extensive training and teaching Pilates, along with specializing in low back pain, I have changed my body and mindset. I have become pain free and seen the same changes in hundreds of my clients.

It is the most rewarding career and I bring that passion, personal experiences and understanding of the body into every class and one to one session I teach. I love sharing my knowledge and helping others to improve their lives either through weight loss, strength, confidence or becoming pain free.


Level 4 diploma in Exercise for low back pain

Level 3 diploma in Pilates

Exercise Referral and Nutrition and Weight Management

Level 2 City and Guilds Exercise to Music

Zumba ® Fitness Instructor.

About My Class

My classes are dynamic, fun and welcoming but also safe and controlled.

When you join me for a Zumba class, you will have fun, work your whole body to uplifting music, burn lots of calories and finish with a big smile on your face.

My Pilates classes are taught without music because I talk through every step of every exercise with detailed technique points. This is to help you get the best out of each exercise, do it safely and strengthen the correct targeted muscles. I also give you lots of extra information to give you a greater understanding of the body which will help you in functional movements of all other daily activities you perform.

You can purchase and download classes from my website to do at your own leisure and I also offer one to one sessions at £30 a session online.

From £5 per class


Monday 19:00-20:00pm


Sporwston Diamond Centre

Tuesday 9:30-10:30am


Norwhich Sea Scouts

Tuesday 18:00-19:00pm


Hellesdon Community Centre

Wednesday 18:30-19:30pm


Norwhich Sea Scouts

Thursday 9:30-10:30am


Norwhich Sea Scouts

Friday 9:30-10:30am


Hellesdon Community Centre

Friday 18:00-19:00pm


Online via Zoom app


"Laura is truly an amazing teacher. She has a profound understanding of the body, health and general wellbeing. Her classes are not just about technique, every moment of the class is spent talking us through the function of each move, the benefit to the particular part of the body and overall, to the whole body. This is not just empty repetition of rehearsed moves, it is planned building, strengthening and awareness of each participants needs. Somehow, she delivers this uniquely applied teaching style with humour and warmth"


"Laura’s Pilates classes, which I have now attended for over a year have transformed my health and life. From being a size 22 a year ago, I am now a size 8. Laura has enthusiasm, patience and her knowledge is second to none. I have learned a huge amount about my own body, my core has completely changed into a strong, controlled system. My ability to relax through correct breathing has transformed my stress levels. I would strongly recommend Laura’s Pilates classes "


"Zumba -This is just the best I love it and really look forward to this all week. Your way of teaching the class and communicating without sound is amazing! You are so happy and energetic throughout, truly Inspirational I can now chill, smile and be happy 😃 thank you."

Further Details

Hopefully you like what you see on my page and would like to take part in my class – I’d love to see you there!

Where to Find Me

My classes currently only take place online but usually they are in the following locations:

Sprowston Diamond Centre, School Lane, Norwich, NR7 8TR

Norwich Sea Scouts, 37 The Street, Costessey, Norwich, NR8 5DB

Hellesdon Community Centre, Middleton Lane, Norwich, NR6 5SR

Contact Me

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