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About Low-Fu Fitness

Low-Fu Fitness is an amazing kickboxing workout. We combine the four kicks and punches of kickboxing to create a low impact, high-intensity aerobic dance class, suitable for all levels.

In December 2020 I gained my kickboxing black belt, which I worked hard to achieve since 2015. Using my Extensive martial arts knowledge l will teach you all the correct techniques.

Music is important. Hard house, trance and drum n bass always keep the workout upbeat.

If you want to have fun, work hard and get fit Low Fu Fitness is the workout for you.

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I have always loved exercise of some form. My first Low-Fu Fitness class was around 25 years ago and I was immediately hooked. I mostly enjoyed the martial art side of the workout, hence why l started my kickboxing journey in 2015. In December 2020 l became a full black belt kickboxer. All the techniques l have learnt over the years are incorporated when l teach you in this amazing workout. I started teaching Low-Fu Fitness in 2015 and passed my exercise to music qualification in 2019.


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Low Fu Fitness Certification

Black Belt Kickboxer

Cost of Class £5 per class
£7 to per week to sign up to lowfukaren.com

My Timetable

You can either pay £5 for my live Low Fu Fitness Kickboxing Class on Facebook Saturday morning or pay £7 per week and sign up to my website, where you have access to ALL my previous online classes, plus access to my live class on a Saturday.


live on my private Facebook page

Low Fu Fitness Kickboxing Workout

My Testimonials


I will always do your Saturday class Karen, I love your classes

l love my weekly Low-Fu class with Karen. It’s an amazing way to tap into my heart and body. I feel strong and energised!

Doing your workouts really gives me a lift

Further Details

Hopefully you like what you see on my page and would like to take part in my class – I’d love to see you there!

Where to Find Me

My classes all take place online

Contact Me

My website is www.lowfukaren.com

For more info email me at lowfukaren@gmail.com


You can access ALL of my previous online classes, plus my live class on a Saturday for just £7 per week by signing up on my website www.lowfukaren.com