Joe Wilson

My approachability and friendliness through my high energy makes me the best trainer I can be. My smile and willingness to help everyone and anyone has proved to go along way in being the professional I am. My instructing style is based off the specifics that the client or class wants to wants. For example if it’s a HiiT session my energy will be high, motivational and encouraging. Likewise if it’s a Strength or Kettlebell session my style will become more informative, precise with movements and challenging to increase strength and make the client or team feel like they’ve had the best possible session. I’ve always been around fitness since a child and after becoming an athlete when I was younger, this was a better avenue to take in order to progress a career. I love being an instructor and trainer by witnessing other people’s achievements and hard work through my guidance and knowledge which gives me great pleasure in my job.


Level 2 Fitness Instructing

Level 3 Personal Training

Level 3 Prenatal & Postpartum Exercise

First Aid

£45 per hour. Rates can be split or varied with amount of participants/time.

My Classes

Entering my sessions isn’t just for a workout. The positive energy I bring will leave you feeling revitalized to look at your life in a totally new confident aspect. I will challenge you physically and mentally throughout the time you step into my arena, making sure when you leave you know in yourself you couldn’t have given any more than you could have.


I also work for a company in Hammersmith & Angel where the majority of my classes occur. A variety of different fitness style classes I teach, so if you feel more comfortable being within a class studio environment please get involved in the timetable below. 

My Timetable


BoxTrain (10:45 am)
Quick HiiT (12:30 pm)
Strength (13:00pm)


HiiT (17:45 am)
Strength (18:35 pm)
Kettlebells (19:25 pm)


Kettlebells (17:45 am)
Strength (18:35 pm)
Hiit (19:25 pm)


HiiT (12:15 am)
Strength (13:15 pm)


HiiT (09:30 am)
Strength (10:30 am)
Kettlebells (11:30 pm)



Within Joe’s sessions I have found him to be very encouraging, motivating and always pushing me through challenges to enable me to improve myself. During our time together, we have worked on my core strength and learning to overcome both mental and physic fatigue. However, since being with Joe I feel my techniques have greatly improved and my confidence has risen to tackle this challenge, where I am not so worried anymore. Because of this, my fitness has improved greatly, and I enjoy every moment of it. 

Further Details

Hopefully you like what you see on my page and would like to take part in my class – I’d love you to join me!

Where to Find Me

My private PT studio sessions take place at:

60 High Street, Hampton Whick, Kingston upon Thames. KT1 4DB

And my freelance sessions take place in:

Twickenham, Richmond & St Margaret’s  

Contact Me

Contact me via email:

Or send me a Whatsapp/ text message: 07734169379


Free consultation to begin with to get to know the person or people.

Prices can vary on amount of people attending sessions.