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Training and coaching people to improve their health has been a huge part of my life since I went through my own major health transformation in 2013. That year I lost 60lbs and set my life on a path that I couldn’t have imagined beforehand. I now devote my life to training myself and others, using bodyweight training and calisthenics to achieve goals and change lives.


My qualifications include a range of Sport and Fitness qualifications and an honours degree in Sport, Fitness and Coaching from The Open University. On a daily basis I am actively working on improving my physical, mental and emotional health and I share everything I learn from my own journey with my clients.


When you start working with me you will quickly realise that I don’t just do what everyone else does; I won’t ask you to count calories, I won’t judge you on how much weight you have or have not lost, I won’t recommend miracle supplements and quick-fix weight loss remedies. I will help you learn what foods and activities are best suited to your mind, your body and your goals. No matter what your background is, what your goals are, or what yout current physical, mental and emotional limitations are, I want to challenge you and support you as you improve your health and physical fitness.


Sport, Fitness and Coaching BSc (hons)

Personal Trainer Level 3


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About My Classes

Glenboig Bootcamp has been in operation at Glenboig Village Park since August 2019. This outdoor fitness class provides attendees with a progressive approach towards High Intensity Interval Training, utilising strength training elements from calisthenics, crossfit and mobilising every joint in the body. All exercises have easier and harder progressions making Glenboig Bootcamp a fun and safe environment for all of the family. Bodyweight Bootcamp at Mount Vernon Park has been in operation since October 2021 and is just the first or what I hope are many Bodyweight Bootcamps operating around Glasgow. This class has the exact same format as my founding class in Glenboig, and my clients love it just as much!


As well as offering Bodyweight Bootcamp classes, I am a qualified Personal Trainer, offering 1-1 Personal Training, I also offer Strength and Conditioning sessions for athletes of a range of ages and disciplines, including figure skaters, rugby players and basketballers. I am available for 1-1 sessions throughout North Lanarkshire, East Dunbartonshire and East/Central Glasgow.

My Timetable

08:30-09:15 am

Glenboig Bootcamp

Glenboig Park, Marnoch Drive, Glenboig, ML5 2RE

09:30-10:15 am

Bodyweight Bootcamp (Mount Vernon Park):

Mount Vernon Park, Kenmuir Avenue, Mount Vernon, Glasgow, G32 9LE


Glenboig Bootcamp Is a fantastic supportive environment to improve overall fitness, self esteem and meet new people. James encourages members of all ages and abilities to try new activities and adapts/personalises activities appropriately. His friendly, professional and encouraging manner ensures all members feel welcome encouraged as they progress through their fitness journey.

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Further Details

Hopefully you like what you see on my page and would like to take part in my class – I’d love to see you there!

Where to Find Me

My classes all take place at:

Glenboig Park, Marnoch Drive, Glenboig, ML5 2RE


Mount Vernon Park, Kenmuir Avenue, Mount Vernon, Glasgow, G32 9LE


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I can be contacted on any of my social media accounts below


I am currently offering:

Pay just £3/session when buying 10 sessions for £30 – sessions can be taken at any time!