Jane Arlow

I came to the life of a fitness instructor relatively late in life – while I was living in Switzerland in my mid-forties – because a class I LOVED as a participant was going to be cancelled because there was no instructor willing to take it on permanently. So, I came back to the UK, attended an ETM and then did IMT to become qualified to teach Les Mills BodyStep. All in the space of about four months. And the class was mine.

I adore teaching Body Step – it is my happy place. But, recognizing that Les Mills programs are tied to gyms and I wanted to work for myself, I did my first Pilates qualification and quickly became hooked on the variety of teaching this fantastic method. At the same time, I picked up PiYo – another music-based program that takes moves from Pilates and yoga to bring you functional fitness that gets you fit and flexible, but without loads of jumping around.

What I enjoy most about being an instructor is the feeling of being in a room of people, all moving in the same way, especially to music. You feel so connected. You make friends who you would never have met otherwise. It really is the best job in the world.

My style is definitely not serious – I’m there to have fun and have a nice time. I think that people feel that when they come to my classes and they have fun and a nice time too!


NVQ Level 3 Pilates, including Pre & Post Natal; NVQ Level 4 Pilates (awaiting end of lockdown to complete); NVQ Level 2 ETM; Les Mills Body Step; Beachbody PiYo; Pure Stretch (in process)

About My Class

When you come to my Pilates classes, you can expect a LOT of variety. I love small equipment and bringing new movement patterns to the class. Pilates is about making you more able to do all the things you want to do – you gain strength, flexibility and in my classes, we work lots on balance and coordination too.

My community PiYo classes are fun and relaxed although I do encourage you to work hard to increase your fitness and range of movement.

Currently, all classes are taking place via Zoom. I have pop-up HIIT and stretch classes every week as well as my regular time table.

Jane's classes are tough but fun. I've achieved a lot and don't like missing class which occasionally happens. Each class is different, using different things like balls and foam rollers. I’m definitely benefiting from Pilates. We have a nice group of people of all abilities so I’ve never felt silly when I find certain exercises quite challenging!     


With my job, I need to relax and stretch my muscles and Pilates really does that very well.  Really good class, very friendly and knows exactly how to work out any muscle. I would definitely recommend Pilates.   


I was new to Pilates this year and have had a very positive experience. I find Jane clear and helpful when explaining exercises and she is always there to correct you if you're not in the right position. This class is local and easy to access with a very friendly group of people. There are small pieces of equipment provided for different exercises and Jane our instructor moves between us to provide items we might need like blocks or cushions.  



Pilates (8 pm)


Pilates (7 pm)


PiYo (6.30 pm)


PiYo (10 am)

Further Details

Hopefully you like what you see on my page and would like to take part in my class – I’d love to see you there!

Where to Find Me

My classes are currently online, but you can normally find me at:

St Mary’s Church Hall, 
Church St, 
TW12 2EB

Contact Me

Get in touch with me to book a class. I take bookings via Jane@japilates.co.uk

Check out my website: www.japilates.co.uk


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