Hannah Attenburrow

My name is Hannah and I set up Beyond the Studio Pilates to share my passion for Pilates with others. I’ve been practicing Pilates for over 12 years and teaching as a Level 3 instructor for 3 years. I love being outdoors and I’m from a sporty family where both parents competed for team GB. I came to Pilates after a kitesurfing injury that put me on the sofa for 7 months after which I was finally diagnosed with having annular tears in my intervertebral discs in my lumbar spine. Pilates was my rehab back to my outdoor and energetic lifestyle.

Pilates helped me to restore my fitness as well as given me the strength and discipline to compete in my other passion, mountain bike racing. I also offer coaching to kids and adults through my other business Beyond the Mud and combine them both through retreats and events.

Today I teach Pilates as a career and I love helping others to master technique and reap the benefits it can bring to their daily lives. I work with small groups as this allows me to offer correctional and ensure everyone is safe and getting the maximum benefit from the work out.

I’m currently working towards becoming a pre and post-natal instructor. I already offer some specialist masterclasses for sports people. My Pilates masterclasses help to improve performance in sports such as running, cycling and golf.

I genuinely believe that Pilates can change anyone’s life. By understanding why our bodies do what they do and improving general fitness we can achieve your goals together.

Pilates instructor in Southbourne


Level 3 Pilates instructor
TRX Trainer

My Classes

I love making my classes functional, I believe functional movements that we use in everyday life are vital so my classes are based on functional movement patterns and exercises to help people feel stronger and more able in their daily lives. Classes are mixed ability and I always give options for those of different abilities so everyone can benefit.

FLOW – I run Pilates flow classes for clients with more knowledge in Pilates and for those who want a harder workout. These classes have limited breaks and the movement patterns flow together. Like with my normal classes my focus is on functional movements which can help sports performance and daily life


£5 pay as you go
£10 weekly pass £30 monthly pass

My Timetable


Wake Up and Mobilise Matwork Class (9 am)


Wake Up and Mobilise Matwork Class (8 am)
Pilates Flow (12.30 pm)


Early bird flow class (6 am)
Stretch and Strengthen Matwork Class (5 pm)


Wake Up and Mobilise Matwork Class (9 am)
Stretch and Strengthen Matwork Class (5 pm)
Pilates Flow (6.10 pm)


Wake Up and Mobilise Matwork Class (9 am)
Pilates Flow for Beginners (12 pm)


Wake Up and Mobilise Matwork Class (8 am)

My Testimonials

Hannah’s Pilates sessions focus on specific core exercises and she coaches you through correct form which is really helpful. I’ve been to several different Pilates classes but have found that Hannah is really thorough in making sure everyone will get the most out of her classes. As a runner, who suffers with tight lower back pain, attending Hannah’s Pilates regularly has improved my back and I have found that I am able to run injury free. It has also taught me the correct form so that I can practise some of the exercises at home


Great online Pilates session 💪 highly recommend this to anyone wanting help with their body and mental well-being!”


Further Details

Hopefully you like what you see on my page and would like to take part in my class – I’d love for you to join me!

Where to Find Me

My classes are currently online.

I’m not yet holding socially-distant classes, but when I do they will be held at:

55 park road
PO10 8NY

Contact Me

I take bookings on my website: https://beyondthestudiopilates.co.uk/book-now/

Or email me: hannah@beyondthestudiopilates.co.uk


If you book via email, the first class is half price!