At Energy Yoga, all of our instructors are highly trained and super friendly. Many of us are trained in multiple mind-body disciplines from massage to Chinese medicine and personal training. 

Our passion for and knowledge of wellbeing practices comes through in our teaching.


200 hour Ashtanga Yoga Teacher Training (Daleesha, Abhinand)

200 hour Akhanda Yoga Teacher Training (Sara)

300 hour Ashtanga Yoga Teacher Training (Abhinand)

200 hour Sivananda Yoga Teacher Training (Sara, Akhil, Pretti, Naoko, Retheesh, Abhinand)

Yoga Acharya (Pretti)

Yoga Meditation: Easy Practices for Health & Healing (Akhil)

Gentle Sivananda Hatha Yoga (Abhinand)

Swedish and Holistic Massage Level 3 (Akhil)
Myofascial Release (Akhil)
Advanced & Deep Tissue Massage (Akhil)
Personal Training Level 3 (Sara)
200 hour Vinyasa Yoga Teacher Training (Sally)
300 hour Vinyasa Flow Yoga Teacher Training (Sally)
Acupuncturist (Naoko)
Advanced Assisting & Sequencing (Sara)
Authentic Traditional Thai Massage (Retheesh)

Our class pass currently costs £7

Our Classes

Our classes are for all abilities. We like to know our students, their preferences and strengths as well as limitations and we tend to tailor classes accordingly.

We keep the practice simple and traditional, yet we also draw on our extensive experience to provide varied and effective yoga sessions.

We offer the following:

We have a diverse range of styles of yoga to choose from

We employ only the best instructors who know how to keep students safe and engaged

We keep sessions affordable

We are all very kind teachers. We teach from the heart.

Even in our more dynamic classes, we stay close to the tradition of the practice.

Our Timetable


7:00am Hatha Yoga

12:15pm Sivananda Yoga

19:00pm Sivananda Yoga


8:00am Hatha Yoga

10:00am HIIT Workout 7 Stretch

19:00pm Sivananda Yoga


13:00pm Yoga Flow


7:00am Sivananda Yoga

19:00pm Sivananda Yoga


6:30am Ashtanga Flow

12:15pm Sivananda Yoga


9:30 Ashtanga Flow

11:00am Yoga Flow


16:00pm Restorative (monthly)


I have been practicing yoga with the team at Energy Yoga for over 3 years and their patient and personal manner of teaching has helped me to improve my practice. With online classes, this has made it much easier to attend sessions any day of the week. Sara and team have a unique grasp of each asana, taking it back to the roots of yoga and authentically teaching it according to a students ability. These special classes can not be found anywhere else in the entire city of London and now they are online as well so anyone can attend.

*A class not to be found elsewhere in the city of London and now online!


Sara and Akhil seem to have a limitless store of asanas and variations. Classes are challenging but subtle and varied, an authentic yoga experience. They have transitioned to online classes extremely well, experimenting with format and approach and finding ways to deliver excellent yoga teaching to your own home. I find that working from home I am actually attending more classes than when working up in town. And I warmly recommend Sara’s online classes for kids, my 6 year old twins love them.


When lockdown started one of my first panics was “how will I get to class?!” In particular I worried about missing Energy Yoga and their guidance of my practice from their beautiful and peaceful sanctuary in the middle of the city. I had no reason to fear! The online classes have been exuding calm energy right into my living room (or on good days the garden). The lessons are delivered with the usual professionalism and patience and have been a real boost in these challenging times”


Further Details

Hopefully you like what you see on our page and would like to take part in my class – we’d love for you to join us!

Where to Find Me

Our sessions are currently running online from our home studio but usually classes take place at the following address:

Foster Lane

St Paul’s



Contact Me

Book a session with me via our website

Email us at

Or get in touch via social media


We currently offer newcomers the chance to try the first two weeks of unlimited classes for an amazing £20