Emily Storr

Co-founder of Moksha Movement

Before Yoga I had a dance career that spanned 16 years. At the age of 18 I graduated with a Diploma from a musical theatre college in London. Shortly after I packed my bags to embark on a journey that included performance roles on cruise ships, working alongside professional dancers and singers representing many different cultures. On returning from working around the world, I took on the role of Venue Manager for a prestigious speak-easy bar in Soho, London, where I refined my management and organizational skills. After two years out of the dancing game, it was safe to say I missed moving my body. I knew the dance industry was not for me anymore, so I started to explore different hobbies. Entered Yoga. I didn’t start Yoga because of the impressive postures or because of its popularity but simply because it really is satisfying for your mind and body. My passion is to share my knowledge and experience of Yoga and show how beneficial it is for us. What I enjoy most about teaching, is watching people’s personal journeys with Yoga, allowing them to come to a class to escape the madness and find tranquillity amongst it all. I also enjoy spreading knowledge and explain the purpose behind each posture or movement, diving deep into the anatomy of the body and connecting to our emotional body surfacing any blockages. 


200 hours Yoga teacher training






My Classes

Vinyasa Flow

The word “vinyasa” can be translated as “arranging something in a special way,” and yoga classes help to coordinate movement with breath to flow from one pose to the next.

The practice combines postures together to form a fluid sequence of movement and is beneficial for strength, mobility and mind. Incorporating the breath, it helps to prevent injury, calm the mind and release tension in the body.’ I start the practice with a meditation, which brings us into an awareness of ourselves on the mat, before beginning to flow through sun salutations and a series of standing and seated asanas – or postures – and ending with an affirmation that allows us to think freely and positively about ourselves.

Yin Yoga

Yin Yoga is a slow-paced style of yoga as exercise. It embeds the principles of traditional Chinese medicine, with postures or ‘asanas’ that are held for longer periods of time than in other styles.

Holding each of the positions for four to five minutes has many benefits for the body – and not just for the muscles. It helps connective tissues, fascia and ligaments and it helps to improve circulation in the joints, as well as alignments and flexibility.’ Yin Yoga helps to instil a sense of calmness in our fast-paced culture, which can so easily invade and take over everyday lives. The practice is suitable for all ages and levels of ability, bringing a balance to the mind and body, which extends beyond time on the yoga mat to the rest of the day. I will guide you through this tranquil class, offering modifications or deeper stretches for each posture for those who wish, and helping everyone to gain a sense of stillness and of the present.


 Meditation is a practise that allows us to get to know ourselves better, by understanding the mental chatter in our minds, allowing us to control negative emotions that are not serving us. Permitting us to reduce stress levels and to find clarity, achievinga mental clear and emotional calm, stable state.

I want to share how powerful and beneficial meditation is for us. There has been, and still is so much uncertainty in the world and while many things remain outside our control, our mindset is key to coping with difficult circumstances and facing the unknown. With meditation we learn how to gain authority over those negative emotions we all acquire – anxiety, fear, worry, and stress, amongst others. Each class is 20 minutes, with a different theme each week covering techniques including  – mindfulness, breath work, progressive muscle relaxation and many more. Ending each session with a positive affirmation to take with us throughout the day.

Beginners yoga flow 

If you are new to yoga and want to learn the foundations before exploring other styles, then beginners will be the perfect starting point for you. In this class we will break down each posture and work on the correct alignment, so we can move safely and efficiently throughout each posture. There are benefits behind each posture and movement in yoga which will be explained during the class, helping us have a deeper understanding of the anatomy of the body and the traditional yoga positions. Each class will start with a brief meditation which will be different each week, following the beginners sequence that will contain a series of standing and seated asanas (postures), ending with a final meditation and positive affirmations, which allow us to think freely and positively about ourselves. 

My Timetable


Beginners Flow (6 pm)

Yin Yoga (7.15 pm)


Meditation (7.30 am)

Yin Yoga (10 am)


Meditation (7.30 am)

Vinyasa Flow (6.30 pm)


Meditation (7.30 am)

Vinyasa flow (10 am)


“Emily's classes are the best I have ever taken. Brilliant balance of energy and tranquility, challenge and peace. I enjoy the pacing of her Vinyasa, as she explains everything so you understand the process and the positions, without it ever feeling stop/start. Emily also offers genuine words of wisdom and moments of mediation that give you such positive energy to tackle the day once you've left your mat. I recommend her classes VERY highly for beginners and pro's of all shapes and sizes and ages!”

“I was a complete Yoga novice and now I cannot imagine getting along without Emily's classes. Afterwards I always feel like I've been on a personal journey which includes a work out but am eager to do it again rather than having to make myself. It has been important that Emily always gives options for the not yet fully flexible and I'm beginning not to need them any more - so Vinyasa is definitely working for me!”

'“I have recently just started a new 9-5 office job and the morning Meditation class truly is the best way to start my work day. I leave the class feeling energized and focused for the days work ahead. The positive affirmation at the end of class really sets me up for a great day!”

Further Details

Hopefully you like what you see on my page and would like to take part in my class – I’d love to you to join me!

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