Donna Hughes

Pre natal and post natal fitness classes in London

Pre/Post Natal Fitness

I am Donna Hughes,  I live in East London. I have been a qualified personal trainer for 3 years and I have just qualified as a Pre and Post Natal Specialist in February. I am a licensee for a company called ‘The Female Fitness Academy’ who are based in Warrington – I learnt all my skills from them they are the best. I am also a member of ‘The Guild of Pre and Post Natal” I have previously been awarded member of the month from them for my efforts so far in the pre & post natal fitness industry. My absolute mission statement is “to make women feel amazing in their own skin”

Warrior Mums: £10 per class or £35 monthly subscription

Walkin’ Talkin’ Mums ™ : £7 per class or £20 monthly subscription


Level 3 Personal Trainer

Pre & post natal specialist

My Classes

Warrior Mums

This is a mum and baby class for post natal Mums who are wanting to get back to exercise safely. Baby is welcome to the class but not mandatory if mum needs a break. The class is no longer than an hour, starting with warm up, strength and stamina circuit, core and pelvic floor work also included in the class. Every class is different and progresses each week using various exercises,with resistance band and bodyweight. Strength and stamina circuits also incorporated into the class with low impact cardio drills included too.

Mum must be at least 6 weeks postnatal (or 12+ for C section) had postnatal check up and been cleared to exercise.

Walkin’ Talkin Mums ™ 

This class is done outdoors and is seasonal only. Season starts in March up until Autumn time.

Instructor leads group on a power walk to either a local park or area where it is safe to stop.

Instructor leads group through a 30 min full body circuit

Instructor leads group on a power walk back to the cafe where they encourage mums to stay for a drink and to chat/socialise and meet new friends.

Mum must be at least 6 weeks postnatal (or 12+ for C section) had postnatal check up and been cleared to exercise.

Personal Training

I also offer Pre and Post Natal Personal Training also. I offer an amazing 8 week rehabilitation programme to new mums, with great attention to pelvic floor strengthening, with core and breath work.

The aim of our post natal training is to help rebuild the strength and function of your body after pregnancy – no matter how long ago that was! We work on the foundations of your body to help you lose your “mummy tummy”, re-activate and strengthen your core/pelvic floor muscles, re-align your posture and lose excess belly fat. The method is holistic, addressing both boosting the strength and power of your body AND your mind. We not only want to make you strong on the outside, but we want to make you feel powerful, strong and confident on the inside.

My Timetable

Tuesday 11:00am

Walkin’ Talkin Mums ™

Wanstead Park

Wednesday 13:00pm

Warrior Mums

St Gabriels Church Hall Wanstead

Friday 11:00am

Walkin’ Talkin Mums ™

Hollow Ponds, Whipps Cross Road (Lakeside Diner)

Further Details

Hopefully you like what you see on my page and would like to take part in my class – I’d love to you to join me!

Where to Find Me

My classes usually take place in the following locations:

Warrior Mums Class: 12 Aldersbrook Road, Wanstead London E12 5HH

Walkin’ Talkin’ Mums class: Hollow Ponds, Whipps Cross Road or Wanstead Park

Contact Me

Get in touch with me about my class via: 

Phone: 07703014107




I offer reduced rates for monthly subscription.

Warrior Mums £10 per class or £35 for the month

Walkin Talkin Mums ™ £7 per class or £20 a month