Cordula Neckermann

I’m Cordi and dancing is my happy place. I made it my mission to inspire and motivate anyone who wants to turn dancing into their workout.

There is no other workout that releases more endorphins than dancing. 

Endorphins boost our immune system and help us stay happy and healthy. And on top of it, dancing exercises your brain as well as your body. 

The goal in my classes is for you to discover the power of dance, to transform your mood from low to high vibes in minutes, and boost your confidence.

I’m 100% convinced that if we can be confident and strong on the dance floor, we can be strong and confident in life to be fully ourselves without any excuses. 

If you can do it on the dance floor, you can do it in life. 


500 hr Qualified Yoga Teacher
BollyX Instructor


Classes are usually £5 but your first class is FREE!

My Classes

BollyX is inspired and driven by the heart-pumping, energetic rhythms of Bollywood, the film industry of India, crossing dynamic choreography with high-intensity interval training (HIIT), burning up to 800 calories per 50-minute session. 


The goal is to raise your heart rate and to put a smile on your face at the same time, slowly improving your cardio fitness over time.

This is not a dance class but a dance fitness class!

You don’t need any previous dance experience or have to learn how to perform certain moves. You follow along as you see the dance moves happen. This is an excellent way to not just exercise your body but also your brain. Challenging yourself to pickups the movements as quickly as possible.  

GOOD NEWS! It’s NOT about getting it right 🙂 It’s about having fun and keeping your body moving throughout the class.

We are not training to nail an audition to a Bollywood movie. We are pretending we are already in it and performing with all the drama and swagger! Not taking ourselves too seriously. 

You can’t pick up all the moves? Don’t worry,  you can adjust and improvise the moves that don’t suit you and make them your own with a cheeky wink! 


If you love Bollywood and Bhangra beats and love being on the dance floor this is your dream workout come true. 


Join the Bollywood Dance Party!

My Timetable


BollyX – The Bollywood Workout


BollyX – The Bollywood Workout


BollyX – The Bollywood Workout


"BollyX is an amazingly perfect combo that brings my love for Bollywood, passion for dance, craze for fitness and interest in meeting like minded enthusiastic Bolly/Dance lovers all together in one single package!!! It’s such an extremely fun and energetic activity and a perfect getaway from the weekly routine of life! The instructor, Cordi, makes it all the more fun by filling the place with her loving energy and enthusiasm. In love with BollyX :)” - Namita

"Once you start BollyX, you will never stop! The music is infectious, the choreography is challenging and catchy and Cordi (the instructor) has me smiling in seconds. A full mind and body workout that is by far the most fun you will ever have in a fitness class.” - Judeen

“Cordi is a joy to dance with! I love her energy, friendly nature and look forward to this dance workout every week. The choreography is fun and the choice of songs are spot on! Bolly X is a good mix of dance and fitness in one. I would highly recommend Cordi and BollyX! What are you waiting for, dust off those dancing shoes and come join us!” - Maria

Further Details

Hopefully you like what you see on my page and would like to take part in my class – I’d love for you to join me!

Where to Find Me

My classes are currently taking place online but usually they can be found here:

Royal Free Recreation Club,

Fleet Road,


NW3 2QG London

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I offer the first class for free