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Caroline O'Toole

I knew before I started my family, I had a desire to teach group exercise (I always wanted to be my aerobics instructor!) but lacked confidence and the thought of returning to college scared me!. I continued to work for a large telecommunications company…guess what i did here? Only a Training Consultant – designing, delivering and evaluating training to groups of people! But of course this was my ‘comfort zone’. Fast forward – I became pregnant! and knew my job would take a huge back seat, as priorities changed. I knew I wanted to return to work but what? Once again after a couple years of encouragement from my fitness instructor and my pals, I made the call and enquired about how to become a group fitness instructor, my skill set was already there (standing up and delivering training to people) but this was very different! Returning back to studying, learning how to move whilst talking! and of course learning all about the human body and the ‘science bit’. I self studied whilst my babies were now 1! yes, I say babies, (I had twins!) during their naps and once I became confident in having a little ‘human biology knowledge, I started at Leeds Beckett University. Long Days at the Uni, Evenings of self studying, practicing on friends and counting beats to music…even in my dreams too I was counting! This continued for many weeks and weekends (I did an intense course) I passed all my exams and qualified – I think the most nervous I became was when I had to deliver a session, with music and people I gathered together in front of 2 assessors, think X-Factor!! Furthermore, returning back to the University to gain further qualifications and years following attending many workshops and Fitness events.

13 years on….this is still the best decision I made. How many people can say I love going to work!


Exercise to Music L2 (Group Fitness Instructor)

BootCamp Instructor

Health Related Fitness Children

Tots to Teens Instructor

COVID-19 Prevention


£5 per session (block booking available)/ £3 per household for online classes

What My Classes Are Like

Certainly a ‘no frills approach to fitness’. Suitable for everyone. All 1 hour.

AEROTONE is a Medium Impact Session with basic Choreography, designed to get your heartrate up into your fat-burning zone. In addition, full body toning section, using hand weights, resistance bands or your own body weight. A fun ‘feel-good’ session, with amazing mood lifting music – guaranteed to burn some serious calories and tone up top to toe.

LOWER BODY TRAINING & Relaxation – Slower beat music and Super low impact, focusing on the most often problematic area. Targeting Legs, Abs and Bottom. With zero choreography, it’s all about working those muscles to the max. Final 15mins focusing on relaxation and stretch through breathing and visualisation, relaxing your mind as well as your body. Using weights, resistance bands and body weight.

INTERVAL TRAINING is a Medium Impact Full Body Workout session, using Interval timing, Circuit Training and Pyramid Training. Using weights, resistance bands and body weight. This session is indoors and has a Boot Camp vibe to it.

Classes suitable for absolutely everyone.

My Timetable

Due to government restrictions, my classes below are currently only being held online. Please get in touch with me if you want to take part in my online sessions and check back later for more information about my usual offline classes.

Monday 18:45pm


Tuesday 09:15am

Lower body training

Wednesday 18:45

Interval training


Private group sessions

Friday 09:30am



RECORDED VIDEO - On Line Offering


Great workout class, Caroline the instructor is always full of energy & enthusiasm to keep you motivated & to help you push yourself that little bit harder. She gives you alternative levels so you choose how hard you work, and delivers clear precise instructions. She always has a smile on her face & makes it fun.

Well worth giving it a go, has kept me mentally & physically sane during lockdown - well done Caroline

Fantastic workouts, caters for all and always with a smile.

Excellent classes suitable for all

Lovely local (North Leeds) lady continuing her fun and effective classes during the lockdown. Free 15 min sessions Mon, Weds and Fri 9am and £3 per family 1hr sessions on Mon and Weds 5pm. Thanks for keeping us going Caroline

Further Details

Hopefully you like what you see on my page and would like to take part in my class – I’d love you to join me!

Where to Find Me

My classes currently take place online but usually they are at:

YMCA Lawnswood

Otley Road


LS16 6HQ

Contact Me

Contact me via email:





Block book 5 weekly sessions get 6th free (YMCA)