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Anthony Sawlbury

A lighthearted fun instructor who has a passion to have fun while getting fit. Classes are up beat and full of giggles I even make fun of myself. Trained dancer then fell in love with fitness teaching. Dance fitness for 7 years and then adding on HIIT, Strength, Combat dance fitness and personal training to belt.


ETM level 2

Personal Trainer level 3

£4 per class

My Classes

Come to one of my fitness classes or PT sessions and you will forget you have done a workout because you had fun!

There is no need for prior fitness experience, all of my classes are suited for everyone.

My Timetable


9:30am – GroovX Dance

10:15am – L1FT


9:30am – Chasamba Fitness (Partner free Latin and Ballroom via Zoom)


9:30am – GroovX Stix

10:15am  – GroovX Blast

18:00pm – SH1FT (HIIT class via Zoom)


9:30am – Badass (Combat Dance Fitness via Zoom)


10:00am – Chasamba Fitness (partner free latin and ballroom dance fitness via Zoom)


Love the dancing, the music, the Latin Dance moves and instruction is great. Anthony is so positive. A session always cheers me up and makes me feel fitter.

If you want to keep fit and love to dance these classes are for you. Great music and easy to follow routines. Love Anthony's enthusiasm and humour!

oh my goodness! totally addicted to chasamba! Anthony makes you feel like a real dancing queen! his energy really carries the whole class and he makes things easy for all abilities. if you cant add in a turn, no problem he gives you simpler steps to make instead! so accommodating and has a real loveable character. his passion for dance makes you just as passionate and I forget I'm there to loose weight as I just have plain awesome fun! you shouldn't live a life without a taste of chasamba! you never know, you might not stop.

Fab class with Anthony, different dances each week, got to love a bit of strictly! We have a giggle at the same time, exercise has never been so much fun! Love it, it always goes far to quickly tho.

Further Details

Hopefully you like what you see on my page and would like to take part in my class – I’d love you to join me!

Where to Find Me

My classes currently take place online via Zoom

Contact Me

Contact me via my website:

Or via my social media accounts


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