Angelica Ventura

I believe living a healthy lifestyle begins with maintaining a strong and fit body. By the age of 30 our personal fitness declines due to the natural ageing process. Bone density is affected and losing lean muscle mass declines by 3-5% per year.

Just 2 of my sessions a week can help change all of this and improve your performance, energy and strength. Also, the high intensity of these sessions allows you to carry on burning more calories after a workout.


As well as being a Personal Trainer, I run Fit For A Fiver, various body workouts currently run online via Zoom.

My enthusiastic approach to fitness and health will leave you feeling great and seeing results in no time.


Level 2 & 3 Fitness Instruction and Personal training

£5 a zoom session of Fit For a Fiver
£35 PT Zoom sessions

My Classes

I run 4 sessions a week.

2 sessions are HIIT style classes with an all over body workout.

1 session a week focuses mainly on glutes. There is a section on this session which looks at glute activation and getting ready to use glutes in a stronger way when performing the rest of the exercise.

1 session a week is weights based. All exercises are weighted and some weeks we concentrate on upper body some lower but on the whole, you need a dumbbell or similar to perform the exercises. We concentrate on form and get the best out of reps.

My Timetable










I have been going to Fit for a Fiver for a year and I love it! I hate the gym and am prone to procrastinating but I look forward to Angelica’s classes every week. It’s fun, the exercises are varied and Angelica has managed to get me running. Being outdoors no matter what the weather is a great way to start the day. I have rediscovered muscles I thought had disappeared and have dropped 2 dress sizes! If you’re looking for a new way to get fit and have fun, come and try Fit for a Fiver - you won’t regret it!


5 star review- Excellent local personal training sessions run by Angelica. Each session is well tailored to the attendees and Angelica gets the best out of the group - both as a team of people working together and as individuals.
It’s wonderful that all sessions are run outdoors, especially in the current covid climate.
Would highly recommend attending, the sessions are much better than any gym class I have attended.


My favourite time of the week! Every workout is different so never boring but always a good challenge. Being outdoors in all seasons is more invigorating than I would have imagined! The life chat during classes is an added bonus and makes the hour race by. Angelica puts in a lot of effort to change up the routine and equipment. Her energy is infectious! Great value for money and you’re guaranteed to leave with aching legs but still smiling 🙂


Further Details

Hopefully you like what you see on my page and would like to take part in my class – I’d love for you to join me!

Where to Find Me

My classes are currently all on Zoom but I can offer 1-2-1 sessions covering most areas of Richmond and Surrey

Contact Me

Please contact me via:

Phone – 077756001222

Email –

Or find more information on my website:


I currently offer:

10 PT sessions for £300 (saving you £50)

Unlimited Zoom sessions £50 a month