Ali Farran

Putting aside weight-loss, body transformation and strength and conditioning. I aim to use body weight and functional training to improve all elements of total fitness including: Core and Glutes, explosive movement, agility, and body-coordination. All with minimal equipment.

Prior to becoming a Personal Trainer,  I was always keen on my fitness and so I started off with trying out group classes  such as circuit-training, HIIT, insanity, body pump, and body combat. The stuff other fitness people would love.

And so this inspired me to become a Personal Trainer and incorporate these elements into my own style of training, which became functional and holistic.

Thus I built my own client base at Oasis Sports Centre and was so keen on one-to-one training as this allowed me to understand their lifestyle, their fitness wants and needs, and being able to deliver their goals. What I noticed from many of my clients, that hindered their goals, was their lack of good posture and mobility restrictions that would hinder their fitness goals. So working around that and being functional was an important task for me. Looking at different alternatives and getting results is what I enjoyed most as it was a sign of great reward for me.


Advanced level 3 diploma personal training

About My Class

My sessions include...

…One-to-one training or group of no more than three.  

…Circuit-training inspired using both LISS and HIIT training for best results.  

…Completing rounds of different versions of the same exercises (e.g. progressing from basic to more challenging)

…Using body-weight, resistance bands and home objects of weight (e.g. water bottles or back-pack with some load for resistance)

…There will be some sweat, becoming puffed and muscle soreness but it’s all about improving your aerobic threshold to becoming  fitter and stronger.

Classes every 45 mins on the hour.

E.g. Glutes and Core Strength classes 
[8 – 8.45, 9 – 9.45, 10 – 10.45, 11 – 11.45, 12 – 12.45]


Glutes and Core Strength (8 am -1 pm)

Lower Body Explosive (4 pm - 6 pm)


Glutes and Core Strength (8 am -1 pm)

Upper Body Strength (4 pm - 6 pm)


Lower Body Strength (8am -1 pm)

Lower and Upper Explosive (4 pm - 6 pm)


Upper Body Strength (8am -1 pm)

Lower Body Explosive (4 pm - 6 pm)


Lower and Upper Body Conditioning (8 am - 1 pm)

Glute and Core Strength (4 pm - 6 pm)


Whole Body Blast (9 am - 4.45 pm)

Further Details

Hopefully you like what you see on my page and would like to take part in my class – I’d love to see you there!

Where to Find Me

My classes are currently online, but you can normally find me at:

Speakers’ Corner
Hyde Park
W2 2UH

Contact Me

Get in touch with me to book a class. I take bookings via [email protected] or phone: 07707666969.

My Website: 


Complementary first session – with or without a friend

COVID discount (20% off personal training packages)