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Terms & Conditions

The terms and conditions below apply to both the users of the Local Exercise site and instructors that sign up to the site as members. Please read and ensure that you understand the terms stated below before using the site. These terms and conditions will be updated by Local Exercise when necessary, with any updated versions being able to be found here. Changes to the terms and conditions will be effective from the moment they are posted to the site.

By using the website or by signing up as a member you acknowledge that you agree with our terms and conditions and agree to be bound by them. If you do not agree to the terms below, do not use the site or sign up as a member.

Summary of Our Site

Local Exercise is a site that promotes the services of fitness instructors and personal trainers. It also provides information for those looking to exercise as well as information and support for fitness instructors. Local Exercise is an online platform rather than a physical exercise-based location and does not have any ownership of any classes that are listed on the site.

Use of Local Exercise Instructor Membership

As a registered member of Local Exercise, you confirm that all of following information on your account, sign-up form and instructor page is true, accurate and up-to-date for the time that your page is on our site:

  • The information about yourself and your class details
  • You possess all of the qualifications listed on your sign-up form and your page
  • You possess the necessary licences required for providing your class
  • You possess insurance and that your classes follow strict health and safety regulations

You agree that you will update Local Exercise with any changes that are required for your page, in order to make the information on your page accurate. This can be achieved through your online account. Once you have signed up as a member to Local Exercise, you are solely responsible for the activity of your account.


Through beginning your selected membership subscription, you allow Local Exercise to charge the agreed recurring monthly subscription amount to your payment method provided. Each billing period is one month. The first payment will follow the completion of any pre-determined free-trial. Payment is still required regardless of whether you use, or benefit from, the site. Subscription payment is to be taken until this subscription is cancelled or your account is terminated. You will be notified of any changes to the payment rate via email or if no response to this, social media. Any price change that occurs will be in effect for the following billing period. If you do not change your subscription to a different membership level, or if your account is not terminated this signifies that you accept these changes to the pricing structure and you will be charged this new amount starting from the next billing date.

If payment is not received from you, your page will be removed from our site and you will not be promoted on our social media. This will remain the case until we receive written confirmation that you have updated your payment methods, or we take the decision to terminate your account.

Once your monthly membership subscription payment has been made, unless under extraordinary circumstances (at the discretion of Local Exercise), our fees are non-refundable. You will not be provided a refund for any months that you have not visited Local Exercise or feel you have not benefitted from Local Exercise.

Members have the option to sign-up to an activity booking system operated by a third-party (Beyonk Ltd). No bookings or payments are processed by Local Exercise and any issues in relation to this should be resolved with Beyonk Ltd. Setting up the activity booking system requires agreement to the terms and conditions of Beyonk Ltd which can be found here:

Payments for class attendance are not processed through our site. Payment from users for attendance to classes is provided directly to the instructor via their own payment method or through the third-party activity booking system operated by Beyonk Ltd. We therefore accept no responsibility or liability for these payments and have no obligation to settle disputes regarding these payments.

Our Liability

The classes listed on our site are provided by third party fitness providers, not Local Exercise. You agree that attendance and participation in any of these listed exercise classes is done so solely at your own risk. For both the instructors and users of our site, Local Exercise and its owners will not be liable for any action of the third-party fitness providers listed on our site, including but not limited to, injury, loss, cancellation or non-attendance from instructors, any damages or claims as a result of participation in a class listed on our Site.

To sign up to our site, instructors have agreed that they have the necessary insurance provided, along with the correct health and safety procedures in place at the location of their classes, either online or offline. Where instructors have proven their relevant qualifications, an icon and wording of ‘Qualifications Approved’ are present on their page. Where this is not present, the instructors have not yet shown us a copy of their relevant qualifications. By attending the class of any instructor who has not yet provided evidence to Local Exercise of their qualifications, you accept responsibility for the risk involved in attending. As a user of our site, you accept this as a result of using our site and therefore in turn a result of accepting our terms and conditions.

Our site also contains links to external sites. Local Exercise have no control over these linked websites and accept no liability for any adverse event that may occur from visiting these sites. These include, but are not limited to, privacy infringements, illegal or inappropriate content or damaging malware. Social media promotion provided by Local Exercise may require the use of third-party websites to obtain relevant media for promotion. By signing up as a member, you accept the use of these third-parties, if required.

Our site provides advice and information for users and instructors. This advice is made in good faith and is, to the best of our knowledge, accurate. However, Local Exercise accept no liability for any harm that occurs as a result of following any advice or information provided on our site.

Prohibited Use

Via the acceptance of the terms and conditions you agree not to defraud, threaten or abuse other users or members of Local Exercise. You may also not engage in any illegal or harmful behaviour on our site or violate any applicable law or regulation.


The content and design of the site is property of Local Exercise. Infringement of our property and/or copyright through partial or full reproduction of our work is prohibited and can result in legal action. The trademarks displayed on the site are the property of Local Exercise. Users are not permitted to use these trademarks without the written consent of Local Exercise. Written consent should be obtained prior to using any trademarked content. Nothing should be construed as an implication of granting consent to the use of any trademarked property unless explicitly stated in writing from Local Exercise.