Abed Hijazi

30 minute work outs

I used to participate in various fitness classes and enjoyed this massively. An instructor didn’t turn up to class one day and I was asked did I fancy taking the class and the rest is history. I went off after that class and got myself qualified and since then have taught in various gyms and large events.


Level 2 Gym-based Exercise
Level 2 Award in Studio Resistance Training

£9.95 per month including live classes which are also saved to the platform to do anytime.
At a minimum of 12 classes/month it works out at approx 80p per session.

My Classes

My teaching style is to try to keep it social and interactive but push your body to its limits each time we train. With my freestyle teaching style I’m able to create new and challenging classes with no two sessions ever being the same.

The goal is to always have you at your limits and encourage you to try new exercises and routines.

Music is important and that creates the tempo of the session.


I now run a monthly subscription class on my platform. £9.95 per month and this includes LIVE classes which are also saved to the platform after to do anytime. It’s a minimum of 12 classes a month working out approx 80p per session

My Timetable

(6 - 6.30 pm)

Full Body Conditioning

(11.30 - 12 pm)

ULTIMATE LBT (Running whilst so many people are still working from home and furloughed)

(6 - 6.30 pm)

Core & Endurance

(10.30 am)

Legs, Arms & Abs


I have taught at various gyms and was always the lead instructor any where I went with my classes being the most popular.
Fitness First was my main gym and I've taught in various branches.

Further Details

Hopefully you like what you see on my page and would like to take part in my class – I’d love for you to join me!

Where to Find Me

My classes take place online. Contact me to find out how to join.

Contact Me

Contact me via email or my website:
Email: info@30minuteworkouts.co.uk
Website: www.30minuteworkouts.co.uk


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